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Saturday, December 5, 2009


My blogs have crazy tittles, don't they?

December 2008, I blogged about BeWare of Experts

Make sure you read "If you could meet one person..."

In my profession, I have identified a dozen people who I consider are experts.

However, I have not done the same in the trading market; hence, I could be doing better, but I am not.

I am not interested in macro / micro economics because I believe it trickle to the market. For example, Dubai initial fear was reflected and the ease of fear was reflected.

I am not interested in being spoon fed, because how will I eat if I cannot feed myself.

I won't rant much more. Instead, I will provide you with 2 charts.

This never showed up in any of my screens from stockfetcher.

Do you see anything?

Keep looking.

Keep looking.

Keep looking.

Keep looking.

Now do you see it?

So what's the point?

You have to be able to find the stock. And you have to be able to see the pattern.

I did not find the stock and did not see the pattern

Did you?