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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Golden Cross Revisited

I first post about Golden Cross here

Here is the current chart for SPX

History does have a tendency to repeat itself.

Read this: Food for Thought ...

Can you figure out the answer? I don't know it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Because

Just because a retracement occurred, it does not imply a bounce or reversal.

The 1yr daily chart shows retracement for 65/135 days time frame.

Interesting to see that .786 retracement for 135 days would fill the gap.

No position, just watching and learning, just because.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was going to do a post on Magic3; however, the filter sucks in performance. Instead, I will show you a new Fibonacci retracement filter.

You can read more about Fibonacci here

Going through the results for the screen as of 1 month ago, I have determined that it is normally best to enter the position 1-5 days after the screen date.

Take a look at the Since% column, this is the performance since August 25, 2009.

The screen is based on a 65 days interval and a few interesting stocks to look at: STAR, LDK, NOK, HEB, INTU, TSN, CMZ, EXM.



Party time and Football time today.

CHI -3 and AZI -2.5

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wells Fargo Sucks

I have most of my financials through WFC: mortgage, UTMA, ESA, Wife's Roth, My Roth, Rollover IRA, Checking (0.47 balance). In each brokerage account, I get 100 free trades per year. However, it is very limiting. You cannot sell cash secure put, you cannot sell covered calls with leverage ETF. One day, I was free riding in my account and all my trades had to be reviewed by a broker for 90 days. Early in the morning, it would take them 30 minutes to approve an order. How's that for slow? I guess you get what you pay for.

On another subject, Schwab has been really good and here's an article from Liz Long Train Running: Fed in No Hurry to Raise Rates

Lastly, Boycott Bank of America!


Schwab is awesome!!!

I just spoke to representative to transfer money from my Schwab checking to my brother's Schwab checking. He needed the money quick for a down payment to buy a car after finding a job. He and his wife don't own any cars because they always have had company cars.

Don't have wait on hold very long and quick process.

If only Schwab pricing were a little more competitive.

But I guess I paying for the great service and can't have my cake and eat it too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's NOT

It's NOT How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be.
It's NOT How You Enter This World, It's How You Exit.
It's NOT When to Buy, It's When to Sell.

If you are on my mailing list, then you should recognize this. I don't trade everything that shows up because I may NOT like the sector, but may be I should.

/* C gt O 4-8-21 */
show stocks where close is above 1
average volume(90) > 500000
volume > average volume(90)
volume > 1000000
open < ema(4)
open < ema(8)
open < ema(21)
close > ema(4)
close > ema(8)
close > ema(21)
close > open
close 3 days ago < ema(21)
close 5 days ago < close 3 days ago
close 5 days ago < ema(90)
OBV(50) reached a new 3 day high

Back Testing Results

Systematic Trades

According to the system, the WCC was exited for 3% loss. However, since it did not make up a huge percentage of the portfolio, I decided to hold it.

The chart shows my entry and exit point.

As you can see, I am still struggling with exit.

Loss can turn to profits and vice versa.

Hence, it's NOT about the entry, it's about the exit.

Monday, September 21, 2009

V or W Recession

Why you should stay in school.

To learn about V or W shape recession.

If you come here with an attitude.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free Trading Lessons

Market Club is providing 10 free trading lessons.

You can sign up here

Honestly, I have not yet signed up because I have been busy with computer work.

I am somewhat excited after completing upgrade for Dell E521 for my daughter and is running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Instead of scoping out stocks, I have been scoping out parts for a new system.

Think I might have made a mistake going with Quad core versus i7.

However, the only committed parts not interchangeable is the 4G memory.

I am not a bull in this market; therefore, I buy very little.

It's too dangerous being a bear as well and I am reduced shorting, lucky me.

Disclosure: I do get thrown a bone if you sign up; therefore, advance thank you if you do and even if you don't.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Options Quest

I have been on a quest to learn how to better trade options.

In my quest, I came across this and thought I would share with you.

The site is filled with useful information.

Can you imagine that anyone who can earn 10% month after month would tell anyone the secret. Earning 10% per month multiplies your investment by a factor of 10 in just two years. $1,000 becomes one million in just 6 years (and one month), and one billion in 12 years (+ two months). Who would sell that information? No one. But the gullible buy it.
source: Options for Rookies


It seems that my screen often finds stock day late and dollar short or is it just that hindsight is 20/10?

Take a look at the chart. Do you see the bounce off the two bottom regression channels?

AMED Chart

Wonder if this is going to bounce?
PDLI Chart

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Linear Regression Channel

A definition of Linear Regression Channel can be found here

I want to leave you with 3 stocks on the watch list and how the channel might have provided a bottom fishing entry.

COIN Chart

ENER Chart

MIR Chart

Those charts display 45/90 days linear regression channels and gives you a quick overview on the stock trend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Why do I keep posting about the same thing!

It is to provide reinforcement.

Think of it like you are going to school.

Learn something new, study it, do homework, ace the test.

And if you do that, here are the rewards.

If you were on my TA mailing list, then you know that I had mentioned AEM last Saturday (Aug 29). However, when the stock closed down the next Monday and Tuesday, I thought I was wrong and never paid full attention to it.

Look at the chart below and you can see that on Wednesday, is where the break out occurred.

First, there was crossover on the MA on higher volume. Second, there was a break above previous resistance on higher volume.

The huge red volume bar on Thursday acted as support and resistance.

WARNING: This is not a trade it and forget approach.

Bad feeling that I am going to get smoked on APPL if this break 52wk high.

AAPL broke through resistance and I have not covered (due to work and no discipline).

HAPPY LABOR DAY if I don't do another post.

Friday, September 4, 2009

AAPL Again

Quick post on this morning trade.

Short 168.15 Cover 167.75.

Nothing to write home about.

Take a look at the hands.

Getting ready to short again. It's moving up.

Think I just missed it.

Live blogging is tough.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keeps Doctor Away

I will be looking to short AAPL close to 170 as possible.

Use the sky scraper for exit.