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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sorry, I am not going to follow the herd and make a prediction this year.

I am probably not good at it and how many predictions are accurate?

I did make a prediction on the next shoe to drop in 2009

Guess what! CRE did not drop like most had predicted.

Here are the results.


I had a question on how to use this blog.

Honestly, there are some good contents and some bad ones too.

You just need to take the time to read the posts.

I have actually reread my thoughts and ideas and realize what I have forgotten.

It's no different than reading a book or rereading a book.

If you have been a long time reader, then you know most of what I do centers around 4-8-21 ema.

First, review video on volume

After you are done, I want to review SEED, the hype of yesterday's trading.

SEED 5m chart

SEED 1m chart

SEED 1m chart ZOOM

If you are day trading, then you need real time alerts.

But do you see how you could have caught the waves and keep on riding it?

Notice the rise not only in VOL but OBV as well.

Almost forgot my copyright: hindsight is 20/10.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You must think that I am crazy. What's he doing writing about love!

Love makes the world go round, doesn't it? After all, there's more to life than $.

Seriously, I came across this article The “Do What You Love” Mirage

It's a little long but a good suggested read, IMO.

Wouldn't you trust someone who loves versus who hates?

I love finding beautiful girls and charts.


Do you see a common theme here? NO! Not the pretty girls.

Medical - Biomedical Industry showing up.
The last one was ILMN, remember?

Don't you love it! That must have put a smile on your face.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I was too yellow to pick this up the other day.

Can you believe it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009


What do you think she lost?

Looks like she lost her pants and you will too if you don't have exit strategy.

What's on the watch list






No signal for this one yet. It would be considered a fish play.


Remember the post on chasing tall candles?

Here, I will show you my observations on waves catching.

FLR (remember, this was the tall candle)



Does it always work? Of course NOT!


Alternatively, you can always use one of the moving averages for lowball entry.

Reminder, this is not for day trading, although you can probably use it.

Exit point is determined by the close and not intraday.

Notice how intraday will break below moving averages but close above it.

I get faked out all the time, just so you know.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Most of my screens are based on short term moving averages.

Think about it for a second.

When a stock falls to the 50/100/200, the 4-8-21 is also falling.

However, when the descend slows and the ascend starts, 4-8-21 converges.

Take a look at these charts. Do you see it?

The purple area is chop and hard to trade.

So what do you do when you find the waves?

You hold on, ride it out, and don't get wipe out.

Since no waves are alike, I have many waves screen you can find here.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Some people will show you results, but not how to achieve them.

Not I.

Here are the StockFetcher Screens I have been redefining.

All stock screens have inverse.

/* C gt O 4-8-21 */ and /* C lt O 4-8-21 */ are inverses.

I did not list all the inverse because I think you get the idea.

/* Common */
show stocks where close is above 1
average volume(30) > 1000000
volume > 500000

/* C gt O 4-8-21 */
open < ema(4) open < ema(8) open < ema(21)
close > ema(4) close > ema(8) close > ema(21)
close > open
close 3 days ago < ema(21)
close 5 days ago < close 3 days ago
close 5 days ago < ema(90)
OBV has been increasing over the last 3 days

/* C lt O 4-8-21 */
open > ema(4) open > ema(8) open > ema(21)
close < ema(4) close < ema(8) close < ema(21)
close < open
close 3 days ago > ema(21)
close 5 days ago > close 3 days ago
close 5 days ago > ema(90)
OBV has been decreasing over the last 3 days

/* C gt O 4-8-21 simple */
open < ema(4) open < ema(8) open < ema(21)
close > ema(4) close > ema(8) close > ema(21)
close > open
OBV has been increasing over the last 3 days

/* 4ema cross above 21ema */
ema(4) crossed above ema(21)
OBV has been increasing over the last 3 days

/* Above Wave e21 */
open 2 day ago is below ema(21)
open 3 day ago is below ema(21)
open 4 day ago is below ema(21)
open 5 day ago is below ema(21)
open 6 day ago is below ema(21)
close 1 day ago is above ema(21)
close is above ema(21)
close > open
OBV has been increasing over the last 3 days

/* Magic3 Up 3pct on 3x Volume */
volume is more than 300% above volume 1 day ago
average volume(30) > 500000
close is above 3 day change is above 3 percent

/* fib786 */
The fibonacci retracement is based on 135 day.
Notice the location of the retracement




The above screen is incorrect. I have also modified OBV as well.

/* Above Wave e21 */
close 2 day ago is below ema(21)
close 3 day ago is below ema(21)
close 4 day ago is below ema(21)
close 5 day ago is below ema(21)
close 6 day ago is below ema(21)
close 1 day ago is above ema(21)
close is above ema(21)
close > open
OBV has been increasing over the last 1 days

Thursday, December 24, 2009


From now on, all my buys posting will have a chart attached to it.

Why? I want to be better and do better.
If I am good at criticizing (constructive, or try to), then I need to be critical of myself.

Prior post would look like this: Bought #EXM 6.649 $$ #mkt

When I read the above post, it does not tell me a whole lot other than price.
Is the stock at 52wk high or low? What moving averages did it bounce or cross?

New post will be: Bought #SOHU 55.00 $$ #mkt

Go ahead, click on it. Hopefully you get the picture.

Stay tuned. Next week I will shared with you my madness on low balling.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

VS Christmas

One Gift, A Thousand Fantasies.
Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last night I went to see Avatar in 3D. It was awesome.
I believe this will change how new movies will be seen.

(click image to view trailer in new window)

Next, I saw a webminar on High Probability Trading.
This changed how I think about trading.

You can watch the webinar here (open in new window)

What I liked from the webinar:
Albert Einstein - Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Anyone who buys at the bottom and sell at the top is a liar or lucky.
Paper trading removes the fear and greed.
I have blogged about the same topics before.

Lastly, these are the changes I like and can get used to.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Repeating this for the sake of new readers and what I presenting.

We all make justifications for what we believe to be true.

I believe RIMM would make a good short and I will provide you with justifications.

Before I do that, I want to brain wash / distract you with her.

How many thongs does she have?

I hope you clearly see the thongs and the charts.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you to look both ways before crossing the street?

Now that you have grown up and started trading/investing, you need to look at both tops and bottoms.

Sorry about that. I need to get my blog out of the gutter.

I have already marked the top for NEM in my confidence post here and my
wine post here

What I have failed to identify is the bottom.

I got excited with 21% profit and was too quick to take it.
Had I done my homework, then I would have sold it here.

or here

In conclusion, hindsight is 20/10 because I would have not blogged about this had NEM gone the other way. Just so you know, those NEM Jan50 puts were up 90% today.

I will give you my short opinion on RIMM over the weekend.

P.S. This is exactly why I don't post watch list of 20+ stocks because you cannot effectively and efficiently manage them all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Be careful when chasing tall candle and tall Candice (that's her name)

Do you see the resemblance?

Yesterday, I showed you ACI and here's CNX.
What's in common between the 2?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Amazing how healthcare and medical continues to show up on screens.

But be aware of the resistance.

When 3 charts tell the same story, you need to pay attention.

UPDATED: some bottom fishing candidates




Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am not going to post 25 charts for you to look at because I don't think it's efficient. Some times more is less and less is more.