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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Position

SINA position was called away.

From my experience or lack of it, protections provide limited downside and prevent unlimited upside.

With that said, I am still selling covered calls to generate income for range bound stocks.

2012/03/16 BOUGHT FCX 38.70
2012/09/14 SOLD   FCX 43.55 (HALF) (Corrected to SOLD from BOUGHT)

2012/03/28 BOUGHT GLW 14.20
2012/05/04 BOUGHT CLF 58.90
2012/06/28 BOUGHT CLF 46.10
2012/05/08 BOUGHT ANR 13.80 #ESA
2012/05/15 BOUGHT ANR 12.70 #ENT

Please reference comment sections for any trades not carried over.