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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Charting 101.1

No one cares more about your money than you do. Actually, others care about your money from the standpoint of how to take it from you.

K.I.S.S. - buy when the 4ema cross above 21sma and sell when 4ema cross below 21sma.

Use 2m, 3m, 5m chart for day trading. The shorter the time frame the more noise.

Disclosure: I don't day trade as often, but swing trade because of FT job.

I don't have the luxury of watching charts all day long, but if you do, then learn to take advantage of it.

See the buy confirmations for all time frames (2m, 3m, 5m) chart?
So what are you waiting for?

Now chart FXP and you will see the same pattern.


Pick24DotCom said...

so you would buy FXP today? Looks like the crossover you were looking for.