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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BAC Be happy, Don't Worry!

I'm Back! It's zstock7 investment site sitting in again for the fabulous but very busy, money making fortune 8.
Here's another very satisfying outlook to an otherwise depressing situation.
I wanted to post a chart of BAC and a story about 200 days.
Times may look bleak now. Will probably stay bleak for awhile.
If you get depressed, just look at this chart and look at BAC's 200 day.
That's the future. I remember 9 month's ago when TOL and MTH and RYL had this exact same chart. I could even dig one up for you and post it. Trust me, It's a match to this one.
All those companies, ( guess What?) That's right, you guessed right. They all reached their 200 day, and some went above their 200 day.
That's Why I'm saying, " Be Happy, Don't Worry!!!"