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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Why do I keep posting about the same thing!

It is to provide reinforcement.

Think of it like you are going to school.

Learn something new, study it, do homework, ace the test.

And if you do that, here are the rewards.

If you were on my TA mailing list, then you know that I had mentioned AEM last Saturday (Aug 29). However, when the stock closed down the next Monday and Tuesday, I thought I was wrong and never paid full attention to it.

Look at the chart below and you can see that on Wednesday, is where the break out occurred.

First, there was crossover on the MA on higher volume. Second, there was a break above previous resistance on higher volume.

The huge red volume bar on Thursday acted as support and resistance.

WARNING: This is not a trade it and forget approach.

Bad feeling that I am going to get smoked on APPL if this break 52wk high.

AAPL broke through resistance and I have not covered (due to work and no discipline).

HAPPY LABOR DAY if I don't do another post.