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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blind Sighted

Today was a disaster, but not a total loss.
All my worse predictions came to fruition.

Stuck on AAPL@94.42.
Any good trader would not have shorted the stock.
Going again my own system.
Only saving grace is 100ema=103.24.
Need a little help and luck.

Stuck on AMZN@62.82.
Did not have the patience and overpaid by 3 points.

Started the day being nice. Nice guys finish last?

Took out the stop on FAZ.
Saving grace was the 5.9 for selling covered calls.
Did you see that FAZ hit 40, just like I said - dam I wish I was wrong.

Support did not hold for SRS and look at where it ended up.
Dam - I wish I was wrong again here, too.
Did not avoid the train wreck like I had planned.

GS@96.20, another tape fighter.

Hope you learned something from my mistakes.