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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a difference a day makes.
Shorted ESI@88 today (posted@TK and twitter)


ESI Candle

I know investors and their grandmas are shorting this market. Hey, I did it. However, there is still a possibility of a rally towards year end.
The market went up fast and it's only fair to give back some.

Buy near support with 3% stops.


MOS Candle

Orginally posted FXP looks like a buy on the 5 min, but no confirmation on the 60 min.

FXP confirmed BUY today on 60m 10d chart.
I was day early and dollar overpaid.

Why don't I just use the charts instead of the dam fishing poles !!!
Now I know the good reason why my grandma broke my fishing poles.

Lastly, Olga got your back and so do I.


I want to show you how opinion and chart can be bias depending on the time frame.

FXP Candle

Look at HOD which bump right into 4ema. Does that chart look bullish to you?