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Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's all about timing. I had a feeling about EEV and was too early shorting the stock yesterday. After taking a loss, I was gun shy about shorting it again today. There was no way that I could have taken advatage of the opportunity because of having to work. However, I hope that you can.

On twitter, traders were thinking FXP and EEV were easy money. I had posted that FXP support was at 73 and then 69. Never did I expect FXP would close a few pts above the 52wk low. Something strange with FXP in that it is close to 52k low and FXI is not even at 3mos high. If FXI goes to 40, then where will FXP be at?

Look at how all the 2x inverse ETF started disappearing from the screen.

Did you catch >USO yesterday or >POT today?

OBV is holding for POT and huge volume in >CF.