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Friday, November 21, 2008

PennyWise GoldFoolish

Yesterday on a watchlist, there were two gold stocks (GLD and DGP). I thought I had GG on the list because I was thinking about it all morning, but apparently not.

Anyhow, ABX came on the screen and I had to decide which ones to buy.

I compared the a few Gold Stocks and almost missed the run up trying to low ball ABX. I thought, if this stock is going to run, then those pennies are not going to matter. It turns out that I made the right choice.

Little did I know that Gold would soon become the story and performance of the day.


How does one get rid of an addiction? I don't even like fish, but I seem to be bottom fishing too much. Yes! I did buy BIDU today, but I am going to keep a tight stop 3-4%.