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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Significant Numbers To Watch

7882-Support, the 10/10/08 low
9794-Resistance, the 10/14/08 high
10089-50-day simple moving average
11638-200-day simple moving average

S&P 500:
839-Support, the 10/10/08 low
1044-Resistance, the 10/14/08 high
1085-50-day simple moving average
1271-200-day simple moving average

1542-Support, the 10/10/08 low
1896-Resistance, the 10/14/08 high
1953-50-day simple moving average
2259-200-day simple moving average

Numbers on the NASDAQ 1542 is WRONG!
Should be 1493 according to the chart.
Thanks to bobbrill for noticing it.