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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stubborn Trend

I wanted to show you how detrimental it can be if you trade against the trend and be stubborn about it (which I was, but I have learned)

This is not a marketing effort for the product and I don't get paid for this. I have just recently subscribed and learning the features and want to show you what I find.

Click images to see pop up of bigger picture.

Functionality to execute screen as of 1 month ago.

Screen results from July 8 for 4-8ema cross below 21ema
High lighted rows mean true to present day; otherwise, false.

Did you see GS from the screen?
That was a screen to go short and here's the result.

Wait a minute! That't can't be right.
Is this a bad strategy?
I will let you answer the question.
If you leave a comment, then I will let you know whether you are right or wrong.

EAT - this one looks like it is working.

Let's try the reverse.
Screen results from July 8 for 4-8ema cross above 21ema

AAP chart

EEV chart