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Friday, May 1, 2009


I am not talking about Joanna Krupa, but what I am about to show you.

Pay attention here:

I have always rant and rave about how data is no good unless it can be mined.

I use gmail and recently I have been labeling all the Technical Alerts with Technical Event.

Not all of them are accurate; however, there are a few that are.
You will need to pick and chose which ones you would like to play.

Basically, I saw some stocks move today and was curious if there were any alerts on them.

Apr18: FRO: Head and Shoulders Bottom: $18.99: $24.25 - $25.50 Intermediate-Term Bullish

Apr03: MOS: Hanging Man: $45.64 Bearish
Apr17: MOS: Continuation Wedge (Bearish): $42.18: $16.00 - $21.00 Long-Term Bearish
Apr21: MOS: Head and Shoulders Top: $39.33: $30.00 - $32.00 Intermediate-Term Bearish

This one was a winner or loser depending on when you acted.

Apr29: CNX: Diamond Bottom: $32.09: $40.50 - $42.50: Intermediate-Term Bullish

CNX went from bearish to bullish.

I know you will ask me if I had played any of the picks to which I will plead the 5th. Actually, I did not because I don't know what the hell I am doing.

I will be changing the screen to include stocks above $1 because I noticed that STV made a nice move todday, thanks to TK.

This comes to you free of charge for as long as I get them and as long as you want them. Just send me an email to afortune8 at

Why and what's the catch you may ask. There is no catch. I did not start this blog for revenue source, but to keep track of my ideas and see how accurate or inaccurate they are. Hence, I have nothing to sell you and I make a terrible salesman anyhow.