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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Revisiting TWM

I just hate it when people ask you, "Are you working hard?"

My answer is always, "I try not to work hard, but work smart."

Click on the tiltle to read about TWM.


fortune8 said...

You know that they say, "Good minds think alike."

There are several potential setups occurring in the next week or two. Although this signal has not yet occurred, we are close to shorting the IWM (or long the TWM etf). Additionally, we are nearing a buy signal in the Euro futures, and of course hoping to see strength in the JPY (yen) so that we can add units. Remember to adjust position sizes to accommodate for the thinner holiday trading, and don't force situations. The markets will be there for us into the new year, and it's important to keep your powder dry, and your head straight. That's not to say we can't make some gains between now and then, but just don't lose focus of the overall picture! We'll see you on the "Ticker" on Sunday night to see how the Asian markets open.'sideas.html