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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Einstein's Riddle

I came across a derivative of Einstein's Riddle and thought it was fun to solve.

According to Einstein, 98% of the world cannot solve it.

The person who has fish has a neighbor who drinks water.
The person who plays golf has a neighbor who has birds.
The teacher has a neighbor who drinks coffee.
The owner of the red house is a salesman.
The green house is to the left of the blue house.
The lawyer drinks milk.
The person who plays badminton has a neighbor who drinks tea.
The accountant lives to the left of the person who has cats.
The fourth house is the white house.
The owner of the yellow house plays badminton.
The doctor has cats.
The person who has dogs lives to the left of the person who plays chess.
The owner of the blue house plays chess.
The third house owner plays tennis.
The person who plays bowling has hamsters.

Who is the beer drinker?


Trading Goddess said...

I am.

fortune8 said...


There is always a clown in every class and I thought I was the only one.

barkingdognyc said...


nice distraction, you should put up a puzzle every day, better that watching my picks flounder or fall!

fortune8 said...

Z, you got it right.
cameraguy, you got it right.