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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I am hoping LDK hit 50, just a little above 21ema.

Very nice article on LDK here as well.


z-stock said...

qqqq up 0.36 in afterhours...orcl up 7%....OESX up IPO...
another FED auction to the banks, NKE blew out the retail watch the retail sector rally....Orcl is rallying the qqqq....GDP is tomorrow...
It’s the perfecrt storm....The bears are going to be crushed tomorrow.....DOW up 200...The VIX down 11%.....
could happen...!!!...!!!

Scibby said...

remember LDK has to close 2 gaps, with the one further down between 47 and 51..... so will open low, and go down all day.

Stay away of it...and you can try to buy a bounce next week after the storm has settled and options expired..

similar story stocks.... VDSI, CROX, TSL .... all had 37% hairline cuts after earnings that was close to expiration. I dont know why but it works.... but most of the find support at the 0.618 fibonacci level.

Based on my charting skills, I cannot see any support for LDK until the DMAs are hit, as the uptrend from 26.56 to 75.65 was too quick (just 13 days), so it will retreat at least 61.8% of the move, i.e. to $45.32 or 2/3 of the move to $42.93... which basically is very close to the 50/200 DMAs.

Van G said...


you're not going to short LDK?

i thought you said it's going to go down all day?