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Friday, December 14, 2007

BUY VLO (4,8,21 cross-over)

See the nice base it made?


barkingdognyc said...


Still holding on to SNDK and waiting, I hope the option activity on Fri. is a positive sign. You and Z are way beyond me in TA for now, so I stay quiet, but just an observation, I think Marlyn limited his 4/8/21 to those < 35 because they had a greater % upside than higher priced stocks, what's your opinion? Also win or lose, keep posting at beanie's..

fortune8 said...


Thanks for the the information. However, I have not been able to track a lot of 4,8,21 patterns. We all know that SNDK failed. I think because it is in a downtrend. Let's just see how VLO does.

TSO,VLO,FTO are refiners and TSO has already made a run.

Go read and watch

If you get into VLO and it closes below 64 and does not go above it tne next day, then you will need to get out. If you want to limit your risk then sell at 64 intraday.

I cannot continue to post at beanie if I lose. A person has to keep his word; otherwise, he cannot earn any respect or trust.