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Friday, December 28, 2007

Books on Investing

*Online Coupon X8X9X3K Offer Details:
This coupon can be redeemed once online at per customer. This coupon is not valid at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores or Barnes & Noble retail stores. Full payment must be made with a valid MasterCard card. The 40% discount will be applied to the online price of the most expensive eligible book in the order — not the entire purchase. For Members, the discount will be in addition to Member discount.

I purchased:

Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow's Top Performers by Jack Hough (Author)


su said...


how do you like that book? May be you just post it whenever you find that great stock..



su said...

Also..Monday trades...

Syna -40 call - 2.60

VMW - 83.50 (or 90 call)

STP - 80.50 (hopefully it comes there)

are there any good picks to watch?

fortune8 said...

I just ordered the book today.

If you are risk tolerant then play VMW calls. More risk more return.

If not then play VMW at 83 or so.

SYNA 40 calls are too expensive for me and not enough volatility to move it much higher.

I just rather buy 10 calls for $0.80 then paid $2.60 in case the stock does not move as anticipated.

Watch LDK and YGE

SKI said...

I,d rather pay the x-tra premium for a Feb. or Mar. call (VMW). I think you'd certainly profit with those. Sleep better too!

SKI said... you agree?

fortune8 said...

It's all about risk and risk management.

Have you considered that Next Earnings Date: 28-Jan-08?

The Feb/Mar may be worth a lot or a little after earnings.

Jan90 will fetch you 7+ if VMW@90
Feb90 will fetch you 12+ if VMW@90

Which ones have more value?