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Saturday, July 18, 2009


There's a Vietnamese saying which translates to, "You are what surrounds you."

There is some truth to that as I have mostly been negative in this market. This negativity was because I let the gloom and doom surround me.

One thing I notice is that the market tends to take things to an extreme - extreme pessimism and extreme optimism.

Remember the prediction for $200 oil? Now there is a prediction for $20 oil.

Definitely not a buy according 4-8-21 strategy, but a bottom fishing strategy.

With the exception of volume, TA looks to be improving, Might not be a bad idea to put in 4% trailing stop though.

I came across this article You are Probably Bad at Investing where the author was suggesting buying in bad times and particularly March. Isn't that convenient in hindsight!

I was buying during the bad times for the 401k, here.

Here's the chart of one of the fund.

My grandma could have told me to buy everything in Nov and sell in Jan and buy again in Mar.

I speak about my grandma, but she has passed away 5 years ago at 102.

The truth is, it's too easy to point things out after the fact and easy to preach, hard to practice.