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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In reviewing my strategies, I realize that I am either extremely bullish or bearish. Instead of being at extremes, it might be more beneficial to be neutral.

My trades were not bad. Even when I was shorting this market, I was making money. It only worsen when I went extremely bearish and started buying leveraged ETF. NO! I don't think leveraged ETF is evil. It's just that my timing was bad and I did not take losses in them when I should.

I had 35 winning trades and 16 losing trades. My performance is mediocre because I sold winners too soon and hold losers too long. Even with the large losses, I am at break even, nothing to brag about.

The pundits out there say that you can never go broke taking profit. While this may be true, you can not have great returns being penny wise and pound foolish. If you wanted to be safe, then you should have been in money market versus the stock market.

Going forward, I will try to be more patience with profit while cutting losses to 5% max.

Honestly, how many trades do you have where you left money on the table and how much was left behind? Do you do any analysis on your performance? Just thoughts to ponder.