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Monday, April 20, 2009

Think Differently

When does Dec 25 equals Oct 31?

The first person to post the correct answer gets one year free subscription to my blog. Wait a minute, I don't charge subscription. Therefore, you are all winners.

If I trade the same amount of dollar for each trade, have 1 winning trade and 2 losing trades, am I profitable?

What if every 2 girls you ask for a date rejects you and 1 like this accepts your date? Is it worth it?

Is she really wearing Einstein shirt? That's hot.

Back to profitability.

If you answered no, then what if I told you my rewards versus risks is 3-1.

For every trade, I have a 2% stop loss and a 6% profit.

It works unless you are undiscipline, like I am at times.

What hurts is not having stops, shooting stops, or taking more risks than planned.

If I take 6% risk and loss on two trades, then the next two wins only takes me back to even.

That is what happened to me. I was taking too much risk which resulted in having to cover near the top.

Today, my account was up 20.78%. Whew! And Wow!