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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phoney Baloney

A substitute to the word "lie/s" and to an extent "bullshit".


If I hear another person say this is a Bear Market Rally, I will most likely go postal.

If you love hot celebrities, then would you have missed her if she enters the same room you are in? Dobtful!

If you missed the rally, then just admit you missed the rally. Don't come up with some lame ass Bear Market Rally story. Please! Give me a break!

Since when is anyone not happy with 100% gain? I understand, it was very difficult to be buying financials. But what about commodities?

I blogged about the stock, bought the stock, sold the stock too early.

Honestly, I missed the rally, shorted too soon, but still holding on because I BELIEVE, the market will come back down.

So if you were like me and missed the rally, call it for what it is - A RALLY verus some other bullshit bear market rally.