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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Meredith Whitney is overated.

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Weidner: Meredith Whitney Is Overhyped

Don't get me wrong.
She made a great call; however, she's keeps singing the one same song.

In my previous posts, I stated that I did not have 1 long purchase in April.

It dawned on me again. And this is why I blog so that I can recall my thoughts.

Gains from short is 100% and lost is infinite.
On the other hand, lost from long is 100% and gain is infinite.

Here is the chart for C.

Had you shorted at 20, covered at 1, gain 95%.
Had you bought at 1, sold at 4, gain 400%.

I know someone made a bold call on C at $1.
Don't remember who it is because I never paid attentention.

I wrote in a few posts ago that there is always a trend.
If you are trading leverage ETF, while the 5m or the 60m trend might be up, the daily trend is still down. The longer time frame trumps the shorter one. Don't be a fool like me and hold on to them.

The screen is sorted in desceding order of possible price move %

From the screen above, I like FRO as long idea.

From another screen, FSLR may be a short idea.