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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What The Hell !!!

When everyone has given up in this market, that's when the bottom is in.

The volatility is great for making money if you don't fight the trend or try to out smart the market. You will get hurt trying to time the market. You will get hurt trying to find a bottom. You will get hurt trying to find a top.

If you do those things, then expect to get hurt. Even I am guilty of it by shorting MA on this run up.

Didn't I tell you today was going to be volatile because of option expiration?

If you don't already know that, then you seriously need to take trading 101 or serious help.

Let's review everything.

Correction in financials, solars, oil, ags, gold, etc...

Every sector has been affected and no sectors were immuned.

Expect the unexpected !!!

Stop quiting and learn to use the trend as your friend.

Happy Easter.


The reason you are losing in this market is because you are fighting the trend.
You let the noise around you affect your trading,

Hinsight is 20/20 (copyrighted)

But look at here LEH should have been bought for a nice gain.