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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Trend is the general direction in which something tends to move.

Trend by itself can be ambiguous without a timeframe.

The intermediate and long term trend for the market is down.

There's another ambiguity - intermediate and long-term (for what timeframe?).

I am sorry if I like tend to like details versus lack of details.

You can not ignore that the market trend for the last few days have been up.

Don’t fight the trend as I have been trying to short MA.

I am revenge trading again.

I will get this right eventually, but how much will it cost me?

It’s very difficult to call market tops and bottoms. Think about it, how many pundits were saying that the market will retest the lows just a few weeks ago. Some indexes did and some didn’t. So were they right or wrong?

Notice that I did nibble on some TWM, QID, SKF today. Why?

I am anticipating a bad GDP report on Thursday. If I am wrong, then I will sell the positions. And if I am right, then I am already ahead of the game.