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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting Attention

Solars definitely have been getting attention.

This means traders will now gravitate towards the sector.

Good for trading.

It's best to buy the pullback versus chasing it up.

Who says that this market is too volatile to trade?

That person does not have the right stock and the right setup or just don't know how to trade this market.

BUY: 4ema and/or 8ema cross above 21sma.
SELL: 4ema and/or 8ema cross below 21sma.

I use 2min and 5 min charts.

The 2min gives an earlier signal but has a lot of noise.

Do you see how the MACD provides an early signal and then confirmed by moving averages.


It's hard to watch a lot of stocks. But if you are willing to join me and help me, then we each can watch a stock or two. You will need real time charting. Want to make some money? What say you?

I posted buy SRS here

Where do you think I bought it on the chart?
Don't cheat, figure out the answer and then check your answer.
Do you see where the noise is at?