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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Things happen for a reason.
If you think you are smarter than the market, think again.
I confess that I do this, but it's wrong and a bad habit.

Stocks move up or down for a reason.
The reason may not be known to you but there is a reason.

Let's evaluate the counter turtle trade on GMCR

I first posted GMCR counter trade on April 21.
For those who are on my email list, check your email.
Turtle trade was to short and cover at 90.57.

I got excited on the bounce and bummed that I had missed the bounce.
Of course, you could have played the bounce, but the true play was to short.
Also, all of this is hindsight.

GS is another example of going against the trend (bought 147.50/sold 144.36)
The plan was to short just below 200sma, which I obviously missed.

I chose the above image for a reason.
I created this post for a reason too.