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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pay for Performance

Laid off structured finance pros look for new work

Read the above article.

If professionals with a huge amount of resources fail, then how is a person (blogger) better than they are? Most bloggers brag about performance but nothing to back it up with and what credentials do they have?

Simple question, would you pay $32k for a Hyundai? How about a Lexus? Get the point?

If you were going to buy a new LCD, car, stereo system, how much time do you send researching about the product? Now, if you were to buy a new stock, how much time do you spend researching the stock? I am guilty, what about you?

After many months of selling covered calls against my FXP holdings, the Aug calls were assigned.

I am not sure which might have been a better strategy: trading the stock, hedging with puts or covered calls. The reason I sold covered calls is because I believe the stock would go come back and I wanted some income while I waited.

I got the best premium in July. I could have received better premium in August had I waited a little more. Oh well. Now, I need to cheer for FXI.