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Sunday, January 1, 2012

JAN positions

All executed and tweeted trades will be posted.

When fishing and the fish bite, executions will be tweeted and posted before the next day.

2011/12/31 BOUGHT SINA@51.20
2012/01/04 SOLD SINA@53.79

2012/01/03 SHORT SPY hedge 128.10
2012/01/04 COVER SPY@127.21

2012/01/04 BOUGHT SOHU@51
2012/01/12 SOLD SOHU@53.62 (half)
2012/01/18 SOLD SOHU@57

2012/01/06 SHORT MCD@100.60
2012/01/24 COVER MCD@99.69 (half)
2012/01/25 COVER MCD@99.36

2012/01/23 BOUGHT SDS@17.52
2012/01/24 SOLD SDS@17.80

2012/01/26 SHORT SPY@133.35
2012/01/26 COVER SPY@133.07

2012/01/27 BOUGHT GMCR@50.60
2012/02/01 SOLD GMCR@52.95