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Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Lesson

I love models who smile.

Last month, I took a bath in CREE. The bad trade turned worse because I was too stubborn to sell it. Going through my thoughts, I was thinking buying some puts for insurance but did not execute. Going forward, if holding through earnings buy puts.

Oh Shit! This is another one I need to dump as well.
A few bad losses can dent into profits already made.
From now on, no losses greater than 5% !!!

03/07 S@13.89, 02/07 B@21.55 #ENTRIQ
03/09 S@13.50, 02/09 B@18.45 #SCHW

03/07 S@3.74, 02/17 B@3.80 #HV

03/09 S@11.2501, 03/04 B@11.70 #FC

03/10 LOSS S@35.98, 03/03 B@38.55 #SCHW

03/16 S@43.10, 03/15 B@41.700 #ROTH
03/21 S@43.2601 03/18 B@41.99 #FC

03/22 S@73.233, 03/22 B@77.70 #SCHW (stops too tight)

02/17 B@47.50 #ENTRIQ

02/17 B@42.39 #ROTH
03/21 B@55.850 #ENTRIQ