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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a beautiful and prosperous New Year.

Vietnamese Model Anna Vo.

$CREE 01/13 B@$66.090 #ROTH

$BVN 01/27 B@41.50 #UTMA

Charts will be removed when position has been liquidated to remove clutter.

12/31 S@10.26, 12/23 B@10.70 #ROLL

01/05 S@14.44, 12/22 B@13.66 #HV

01/07 S@46.63, 01/04 B@44.96 #ENT

01/10 S@20.78, 12/06 B@19.35 #UTMA

01/11 S@7.70, 01/07 B@7.05 #ROTH

01/13 S@58.50, 12/30 B@55.80 #ENT

01/13 S@69.50, 01/07 B@68.30 #ROTH

01/13 S@25.70, 01/13 B@26.50 #FC (My first lost in 2011)

01/14 S@26.55, 01/03 B@23.60 #HV

01/14 S@42.768, 01/14 B@44.10 (not good)

01/14 S@37.650, 12/29 B@35.40 #ROLL

01/19 S@45.8200, 01/19 B@46.60 #ENT

01/19 S@55.910, 01/18 B@56.43 #ENT

01/26 S@45.921, 01/25 B@48.35 (Should give up trading this stock)