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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morbid Thoughts

Made 2 pts on QLD, bought it back and now holding bag with 4 pts decline.

Don't BS me, but how is making money in this market aside from TK and may lisa if she is still holding POT and FSLR short?

With the credit crisis, how will companies be able to implement alternative energy, e.g. solars? Farmers don't even have money to buy bullcrap (fertilizer) to grow their crops.

There are so many fallacies out there. Warren Buffet is buying; therefore, it must be a good thing. He is getting 10% dividend on the prefer. Unless, GS or GE goes bankrupt, 10% return will double his money in 7 years, not to mention any appreciation in the stock and free options to buy more. If you buy something, you need to by BRK. The only problem is how will BRK after WB kicks the bucker?

China is in a mess. Looking back, it made perfect sense. China was building out for the 2008 Olympics; hence, the huge consumptions.

If you chart the QQQQ, in 2000 the high was at 111 and now it is at 32.65. Who's to say SPY or DOW won't be the same way?

Seriously, you don't think investors will be selling in any rally? Just look at today.

You might think I am shitting you. But here is one the the 401k account I managed. Even with 36% cash available and buying every time the DOW drops 200+ points, the account is down 15%. I guess that is not bad considering the funds itself is down close to twice that. All gains in the account are now gone because the account is now negative since inception.