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Friday, January 11, 2008



beanieville —35 minutes ago with 0 points
Btw, i had the opportunity to short JASO via puts near the close today, as an overnite daytrade. I didn't have the time to announce it to you folks and i wasn't sure if i should, being that it's a friday alot of news can come out in the weekend. But i took the bait anyways. If it trades higher at the open on monday without any news, you can join me.

fortune8 —11 minutes ago with 1 point
That's just absolutely wrong of you beanie !!!

You know that I have been itching to short JASO and have posted here for the last two days.

It's would have been nice of you to drop a little hint before and not after the fact.

I am dinging your point on that one !!!