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Monday, March 5, 2012

The One Percent Crumb

I want to debunk the myth that making 1% is just crumbs.
It's not crumb if you are able to compound the investment.

I took a random distribution of 3 values 0,1,2.
If there resulting value is 0, then the trade is a 0.5% loss; otherwise, the trade is a 1% win. No one wins 100% of the time,right?

If a trade is a win 2 out of 3, then the percentage should be 67% win. However, in a random distribution that may not always be the case. In the example I have provided, the win is 72.33%,

This means that if you start an account with $10,000 you would end up with $57,154.95 after completing 300 trades. That's a 500% plus ROI.

Hence, making 1% profit is not crumbs if one can consistently do it.

Here is the link to data