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Monday, June 6, 2011

June Gloom

Some gloomy holdings carried forward from May; however, that smile is beautiful.

04/18 B@39.90 #FC

05/04 B@48.50 #HV

05/31 B@43.25 #utma

06/24 B@7.80

06/24 B@8.80

06/29 B@32.80 #ESA

CLOSED Positions:

06/28 B@61.75 #ROTH
06/29 S@65.26!/fortune8/status/86116415538610176

06/23 B@82.50 stop below 200sma
06/24 S@86.50

06/07 B@35.90 for trade #ROTH
06/14-06/16 S@37.60,37.90

06/16 B@34.50 auto trade #IB
06/27 S@32.80 (For same for not taking profit)