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Friday, September 12, 2008

Been Awhile

Sorry that I am getting lazy about posting. I spend the about 1-2 hours with two readers discussing and trading stock using skype. You are welcome to join us. I try to start the day at 6 and by 8 I have to leave for work (Pacific Time).

Anyhow, yesterday one reader wanted to buy SKF 121. I said no, I am shorting SKF at 121. The short did not work right away. Later I found out, I had 5 pts profit selling at 116. I cannot watch the market all day long. When I place an order, it has an stop loss exit and a profit exit. In this case the 5 pts profit exit hit.

What happened to the FSLR trade? I was greedy and put in tight trailing stop instead of letting the trade play out. My emotion was in control versus my strategy.